Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
When and how to teach children to make the perfect bed

Promoting autonomy in children is vital for their maturational development and to strengthen values ​​as important as self- esteem . One of the best tools we have to do it is to involve them in housework , and one of the most significant tasks (both for them and for us), is making the bed . A small milestone that can be a big step on the way to becoming people who are aware of their responsibilities.

When and how to teach children to make the bed?

As with anything we want to teach children, there is no specific age to do it. According to the Montessori philosophy , they can start doing it between 4 and 5 years old, although other people recommend doing it at 6. However, I think that the best thing to do is to observe the children and progress at their own pace in the development of their autonomy. .

At home we began to teach her to pick up her toys and promote a taste for order from a very young age (although don’t expect immediate results because this is going very little by little). Also, seeing us do it every day, towards the age of 5 she herself became interested in making her own bed. In this way we avoid forcing them (a path that will always be wrong), and on the contrary, we motivate them so that they want to do it on their own initiative .

How to teach children to make the bed

Regardless of how old children are, the best way to teach them something is through play . You can suggest imagining that her bed is a raging sea full of waves (wrinkles), that she wants to calm down and be calm to be ready when bedtime comes.

At first, you can start with the basics and help him as many times as he asks you: to stretch the bottom sheet, then to stretch the “corners” (the corners) of the countertop and then do the same with the duvet. He celebrates when “that sea is calm”, and tell him that he is going to sleep great that night because he himself has taken care of preparing his bed to sleep.

Remember that he is a child, that learning is a process, that it may take a long time for it to be “perfect” (in his eyes it will be), and that sometimes he will not want to do it because there are a thousand things more fun than making the bed (Who doesn’t have days when they are infinitely lazy to do housework!!). He be patient and when it happens, propose to do it between the two of you.

Little by little he will get used to doing it on his own, and when that happens, don’t forget to tell him from time to time how proud you are that he has taken on that responsibility.