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What is tantra and what is it for?

Tantra is based on a series of religious texts focused on spirituality. It is especially known for tantric sex, that is, a slow and meditative form of sex whose main purpose is not orgasm, but to be able to enjoy the sensations experienced by the body and all the sexual activity carried out. However, tantra understands a much deeper meaning and transcends sexuality. For this reason, it is important to investigate what the meaning of tantrism is, where it is usually practiced and what is special about this philosophy of life.

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what is tantra

Tantra can be defined as an esoteric oriental custom that is based on a material desire with a spiritual purpose. It is a philosophy that uses carnal energy to achieve an inner connectionwith oneself Tantra is especially practiced in various Asian countries such as India, Korea, Indonesia, China, Mongolia, Nepal and Japan. The practice of this philosophy has variants within Buddhism, Hinduism and other faiths. As regards tantra in Buddhism, tantra is conceived as the fastest or most direct path to enlightenment. They represent a series of texts that serve in a symbolic way as a guide for life. For its part, Hinduism highlights the feminine and masculine energies that are incorporated through tantra, managing to reach absolute pleasure and elevation.

This ancient practice has progressively lost the meaning of real tantra in the Western world. This is due to the fact that it has leaned more towards the bodily part than the spiritual part , since many people consider it simply as a way to renew intimate life in romantic relationships. This trend is called by Western experts as neotantra.

what is tantra for

The main objective of tantra is to awaken the illumination of reflection and thought . The benefits of this practice are multiple, especially in the intimate section, although in general terms there is an inclination towards an improved understanding of one’s own person. This implies a remarkable improvement in the same individual. By experiencing a recovery of the intimacy of the couple, the relationship itself becomes much more pleasant in every way (especially sexual). The bond between both members of the couple is also favored, being more harmonious and increasing trust between them. Communication is also reinforced, since it is closer.

Tantra in sexuality and in life in general also brings benefits to self- esteem because it helps to feel better about oneself. The person who practices it has greater strength to face life, since he accepts himself with all his defects and virtues. In this way, you can more easily reach self-improvement. All the tantric energy arising through the practices of tantra does not bring benefits only by itself, it is essential to direct it in a productive way. Having the knowledge of the philosophy of tantra brings numerous benefits for personal growth, but it must be channeled with a great sense of responsibility.

How many types of tantra exist

Four different types of tantra can be distinguished: action, execution, tantric yoga and supreme yoga. In the 4 tantra classes, sensual pleasures are transformed into the desired spiritual path, but using different methods to achieve it.

  • Action Tantra : Emphasizes external actions . The meditator creates bliss by observing a visualized Deity. Later, that blissful mind transforms into the spiritual path.
  • Execution Tantra : It is the one that gives the same importance to both internal and external actions . In this case, the meditator generates bliss by imagining that his Deity is smiling at him.
  • Yoga Tantra : Yoga in tantra is very important, it is the one that puts a greater emphasis on internal actions . The meditator enjoys imagining that the Deity is taking him by the hand.
  • Highest Yoga Tantra – This is the highest type of tantra that exists. The meditator generates bliss by imagining that he enters into a sexual union with the Deity . In more advanced stages, he imagines that he performs this act with some real consort, succeeding in transforming the resulting enjoyment into the true path of spiritual tantra. However, it is essential to keep in mind that it is very difficult to use this joy as a method to achieve enlightenment. That individual who achieves it, reaches a very important achievement.

The main problem that many people have to face is to discover how they can transform sexual joy into the path of spirituality . Hence the importance of knowing the different types of tantra and the methods they use.

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