Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
Take advantage now that they are small: your children will be children only

Do you remember that time when you were a boy or a girl? Maybe you have a lot of good times stored in your memory, or maybe just little snippets of days that were important to you. I remember that when I was a child, the days and years seemed longer and for some reason, I was in a hurry to grow up.

Now that I am a mother, I realize that yes, the days may be long and even complicated, but the years are certainly short. That is why today I want to talk to you about taking advantage of that stage, in which they are still small, because when you least expect it, they will no longer be .

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Our first years as parents

In the first weeks and months of our children’s lives, we go through big changes in our lives . Our routine and lifestyle changes, to make way for this new stage as dad and mom. Our baby arrives and with it come the sleepless nights, the eternal tiredness and we activate ourselves in alert mode, to take care of that little one in our lives.

With all those changes and tasks that we now have to do, it sometimes happens to us parents that -especially in moments when we feel tired or overwhelmed- we wish that things would change or advance faster , with the hope that we could have a breathe or make it easier for us.

When they are babies and cry inconsolably, we wish they could talk to find out what they need. When we still carry them in our arms, we can think that the day they finally walk alone, we will rest. And so, many times we go through each stage thinking about the future, and not the present .

The first years as parents are full of challenges, surprises, doubts and fears. But there are also many wonderful things that happen in our children’s childhood, and that we should not miss out on wishing things were easier. It is an exhausting stage, yes. But it is also a fleeting stage .

In just one year, our children change in an incredible way. From totally depending on us for everything, when they reach their first year they are already able to sit up by themselves, some of them take their first steps and others are experts in eating without needing our help.

Then one day, we realize that that precious baby is now a boy, and gone are those days when they couldn’t do anything without our help. And this is how it will continue to happen over the years, them learning more and needing us less . Our children will grow up , and there is nothing we can do to prevent it.

Take advantage now that they are small

It is true that there are days when we feel overwhelmed, those in which difficult or complex situations seem to have no end. But one day it won’t be like that anymore . One day all those problems will be part of a past that we will surely miss.

Let us remember that the difficult stages also have their positive side , and that suffering or enjoying those moments will depend largely on our attitude. So I want to invite you to think for a moment about the little things that your children do today .

Today, you are his world , his safe place. They turn to you and fill you with kisses and hugs. They are your most dedicated fans and love to imitate everything you do. In childhood, their imagination is incredible and allows us to play with them, have fantasies and create illusions. They invite us to be children again with their innocence and joy. Enjoy that innocent smile, that little hand that wishes to never let go of you.

One day, all those things will disappear . Your children will stop playing with you because they will prefer to watch TV or listen to their favorite music. Soon they won’t want us to give them kisses or take them by the hand down the street, because “they’re older.” There will come a point where they will prefer to go out with their friends rather than with us, their parents.

Therefore, let us learn to enjoy and value what each stage gives us. Let’s waste more time with them, giving us time to take advantage of all those beautiful things they do. Our children will be children only once, let’s enjoy them now that they are small .