Fri. Jul 1st, 2022
Seven Babies Born in Ukraine Shelters Amid Russian Bombing

The birth of little Mia in the Kiev metro last Friday while her mother was taking refuge there from the bombings is going around the world as a symbol of hope during the war.

But it has not been the only life that came to the world this weekend in Ukraine in full invasion of the Russian army. Six other babies have also been born, that we know of, amid the bombing, explosions and wails of sirens.

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Life makes its way in the midst of war

Mia’s mother is a 23-year-old woman who had to take refuge with her family in the Kiev metro, like thousands of other Ukrainians seeking some safety underground.

On Friday afternoon she went into labor and gave birth to the girl on the subway platforms, in an environment very different from the one she had imagined for that moment. Police helped the woman give birth and an ambulance took them both to hospital, where they are doing well. Check-out more news.

Hannah Hopko, president of the Democracy in Action Conference, has shared the birth of the little girl on Twitter as a message of hope.

“Mia was born in a shelter tonight in a stressful environment: the bombing of Kiev. Her mom is happy after this challenging delivery. When Putin kills Ukrainians, we call on the mothers of Russia and Belarus to protest against Russia’s war in Ukraine. Let’s defend lives and humanity!”

Six other babies came into the world in the middle of war

Mia’s story has gone viral, but there have also been other births in various Ukrainian cities that are being invaded by the Russian army.

Two children were born in a makeshift delivery room in the basement of a maternity hospital in the city of Kherson, located in southern Ukraine, on the shores of the Black Sea. The doctor who attended one of the deliveries published, with her permission, a photograph of a mother next to hers with her newborn.

“In very remote conditions to which the arrival of a new life deserves. He is a boy,” he shared on Facebook.

Camila , daughter of Real Sporting de Gijón player Eric Ramírez, was also born this weekend in the Ukrainian capital. Her wife was admitted to the hospital while the soccer player was looking for a solution to be able to transfer her to Asturias when the birth occurred.

Another baby was born in a maternity ward as sirens sounded in the city of Kolomyia, located in western Ukraine.

Also in Kiev, two twins were born yesterday while the siren sounded in the streets alerting citizens to take refuge from the possibility of attacks.

“All the babies were born healthy and their mothers are in good health,” the Ukrainian authorities reported.

“This is a sign that life goes on and that we do not give up. We deeply believe that very soon, these babies will be back in their warm homes, falling asleep to lullabies and not to the sounds of sirens, explosions or air raids.”