Fri. Jul 1st, 2022
'Peppa Pig Theme Park' opens in Florida, a surprising and fun theme park

‘Peppa Pig Theme Park’ opens in Florida, a surprising and fun theme park dedicated to Peppa and her friends

A few days ago ‘Peppa Pig Theme Park’ opened its doors , a large theme park with attractions, water games and live shows dedicated exclusively to this endearing animated character and his friends.

It is located in Florida (United States) and although it is not particularly close to us, we want to tell you all the details so that you can include it in your plans if you decide to travel there with your children.

A park designed for the little ones

The park is divided into small themed areas that recreate scenes from the series that are well known to children, such as the Pig family’s motorhome, Grandpa Pig’s greenhouse, Peppa’s tree house or George’s beloved dinosaurs, among others. .

Each of these areas has fun attractions such as roller coasters, shuttles, balloon rides, water boats… where the kids can ride alone or accompanied by an adult. In addition, many of these attractions do not require a minimum height to access.

However, we also find an area specially designed for babies . This is the Rebecca Rabbit children’s area, where children can crawl and explore burrows and carrot plantations.

And of course, in a park dedicated to Peppa Pig, mud puddles cannot be missing , although this time they are rugs that simulate the color of mud and water jets where you can cool off and play splashing.

But in addition to attractions , the park also has shows and shows such as Mr. Potato, a movie theater where you can see some of the most mythical episodes of the series, photocall areas with the characters and an area where you can rest and eat. .

Plan an unforgettable trip

The Peppa Pig park is located between the cities of Tampa and Orlando , just seven minutes’ walk from the ‘Legoland Florida park and less than an hour’s drive from ‘Disney World’.

A little further away is Cape Canaveral, known to be the main center of space activities in the United States. There it is possible to visit the ‘John F. Kennedy Space Center , an exciting space museum with attractions, informative talks and recreations of the arrival of man on the moon.

‘Peppa Pig Theme Park’ offers visitors the possibility of staying in one of the hotels near the park, such as the Hotel Legoland, the Hotel Isla Pirata or the Hotel Retiro en La Playa. In this way, the adventure for the little ones will be complete .

So now you know, if you are thinking of organizing a trip to Florida with your children , do not hesitate to include these plans that we propose and that will delight young and old. Check out more article for parenting.

Peppa Pig, a character that captivates children

The character of Peppa Pig is almost 20 years old, although in Spain we did not meet her until 2010, when the television channel Clan began broadcasting the adventures of this cute little pig and her friends. Since then, the Pig family has found a place in the hearts of all the little ones , becoming one of the favorite animated series for preschool children.

Such has been and is the impact of this series, that it is not surprising that a theme and amusement park is dedicated exclusively to it, such as ‘Peppa Pig World’ in the United Kingdom, or ‘Peppa Pig Theme Park’, in Florida.