Fri. Jul 1st, 2022
Meaning of The Name Yesica, Origin, Personality and Numerology

If you were looking for female names to get an idea of ​​which one you would like the most for your future daughter, don’t hesitate to continue reading this piddlebabes article about a popular name with several variants: Yésica. Here we discover the meaning of the name Yésica , its origin, personality, saints, popularity, diminutives and variations, among other curious aspects about this girl’s name. Yesica is a girl’s name .

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What does Yesica mean?

Yésica’s name means ” protected by God “.

Origin of the name Yesica

Yésica is a female name of Hebrew origin that appears in the Bible, referring to the existence of God and his protection.

Diminutives and variations of the name Yésica

On the one hand, the diminutives of the name Yésica are Yés, Yéss, Yéssi and Yési . On the other hand, the variations of the name Yésica are diverse:

  • Jessica
  • Jessica
  • Jessica
  • Jessica
  • Jessica
  • Yessica
  • Jessica
  • jessie

The name Yesica in other languages

Yésica’s name can be seen in other languages, such as its English translated variants Jessica or Jessie or in Italian as Gessica .

Personality of the name Yésica

At the beginning of meeting her, Yésica may seem somewhat insecure, but in reality she is very observant and prefers to act only when she has already collected enough information by observing and listening to others, because she wants to do things correctly and prefers to leave the minimum margin for error. . Thus, she does not have a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence, but for her this is the most accurate method.

He loves being with those he loves and cares about, having good times and helping them when necessary. On the other hand, he does not need to have a very extensive social life, he is already happy with his family and does not need external approval or attract the attention of more people. Which is not to say that she isn’t open to meeting people, just that she won’t force things . It is also associated with this name that it is a very intelligent woman , who loves to continue discovering and learning from her environment, so she is never still. She also loves changes and new things about her.

Celebrities with the name Yesica

  • Jessica Alba: American actress.
  • Yessica Guadalupe Ramírez Meza: Mexican model who represented Mexico in the 2004 Miss World pageant.
  • Yésica Bopp: Argentine boxer and social psychologist.
  • Yésica Toscanini: Argentine professional supermodel.

Yésica’s Saint’s Day

The saint of Yésica is celebrated as that of Santa Jesica, that is, on December 17 .

Numerology of the name Yesica

Numerology indicates that the name of Yésica is associated with the number 3 .

Popularity of the first name Yesica

The latest data collected by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), reveal that there are 3,180 women named Yésica in Spain and their average age is 29.9 years . Specifically, there are more women with this name in the provinces of León, Segovia, Córdoba, Granada and the Canary Islands.