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Meaning of The Name Macario, Origin, Personality and Numerology

Are you looking for a name for your baby? The name Macario comes from the Greek term Makarios, from the word Mákas, which means “the lucky, the joyful, the happy”. In this piddlebabes article, you will find the meaning of the name Macario , its origin, personality, saints and popularity. Macario is a boy’s name .

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What does Macario mean?

Its etymology is related to the Greek term makários, from the word mákas, which means ” the fortunate, the cheerful, the happy “. It represents the blessed man, the one to whom destiny is always propitious. Among the saints with this name we find a Spanish anchorite of the 3rd century, who was a martyr in Seville. The name of the Sevillian neighborhood of La Macarena is due to him.

Origin of the name Macario

The name Macario comes from the Greek : «Μακαριος» (Makarios).

Diminutives and variations of the name Macarios

Macaire is the only variation of the name Macario.

The name Macario in other languages

  • Catalan: Macari.
  • Inglés: Macaire.
  • Italian: Macario.

Personality of the name Macario

The boys with this name are people with character and distrustful. They need to have everything under control and they don’t like improvisation.

With family, friends or a partner, they are friendly, pleasant people with a great sense of humor. It is difficult for them to trust but when they do, it is better that you do not betray them, because it will be very difficult for them to trust again.

They take care of their appearance by pampering themselves and always going out on the street well dressed and neat. They hate disorder and bad forms.

Celebrities named Macario

  • Miguelito Macario Andaluz , is a Filipino actor who, among other films, appears in Once Upon a Time.
  • Macario Matus , Mexican writer, poet, and journalist.
  • Macario Gómez Quibus , Spanish cinematographer.

Day of the Saint of the name Macario

According to the saints, January 15 is the Saint of Macario.

Numerology of the name Macario

Macario’s numerology tells us that 33 is the number of this name.

Popularity of the first name Macario

Currently, there are 1,289 people in Spain named Macario and the average age is 67.3 years. The provinces of Spain in which the name Macario is most popular are the following:

  • Caceres.
  • Zamora.
  • Teruel.
  • Ávila.
  • Palencia.