Fri. Jul 1st, 2022
Meaning of The Name Gema, Origin, Personality and Numerology

Are you looking for a name for your baby? Have you thought of a name that begins with the letter G? If you want to know the meaning of the name Gema, in this piddlebabes article, you will find the meaning of the name Gema , its origin, personality, saints and popularity. Gemma is a girl’s name .

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What does gem mean

Gema means “precious stone” .

Origin of the name Gema

Gema ‘s name originates from Latin and has the meaning of “precious stone”, since it refers to a precious stone cut by hand.

Diminutives and variants of the name Gema

The most common diminutive is Gem .

The name Gema in other languages

  • Catalan: Gemma
  • Galician: Xema
  • French: Gemme

Personality of the name Gema

Next, we explain Gema’s personality traits:

He has a personality that, at first glance, gives us a great impression of strength, charm and pride . Although she is a strong woman with enthusiasm, tranquility reigns within Gema.

She has great control over herself, since she knows herself very well, analyzing her feelings at all times. Thanks to the fact that she knows herself very well, Gema is very clear about what she likes and what she does not like, she knows how to say no in those situations in which she disagrees.

Creativity is Gema’s strong point, in the kitchen, painting or drawing she is a great artist, she can take advantage of it in her professional field.

Celebrities with the name Gema

  • Gemma Alighieri , wife of Dante.
  • Gemma Nierga , Spanish radio journalist
  • Gemma Mengual , synchronized swimming swimmer.

Gem Saint’s Day

Gema’s saint’s day is May 14 .

Numerology of the name Gema

According to numerology, 8 is the Gem number.

Popularity of the first name Gemma

There are 35,975 women in Spain named Gema and the average age is 34.8 years. If we look at the map below, we can see that the provinces in which the name Gema is most popular are:

  • Real city
  • Toledo
  • Madrid
  • Guadalajara
  • Cantabria