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Meaning of The Name Baptist, Origin, Personality and Numerology

Have you heard the name of a Baptist boy and it calls your attention? If you are looking for male name ideas for your future son, this one may interest you. Discover, in piddlebabes, the meaning of the name Bautista , its origin, personality, diminutives, variations, how it is written in other languages, saints, numerology and also its popularity and some other curiosity. Bautista is a boy’s name .

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What does Baptist mean?

The meaning of the name Baptist is “he who baptizes”, “he who can baptize” or “he who immerses”.

Origin of the name Baptist

The origin of the name Baptist is in Ancient Greece. The Greek origin of the name Bautista comes from the fact that it is the Spanish variant or translation of the Greek word Βαπτιστῆς, or βαρτίζω (to submerge or sink), hence its literal meaning and its relation to baptism in water. Its origin in this sense its origin is given in the religious figure of Saint John the Baptist .

Diminutives and variations of the name Bautista

Among the diminutives of Bautista we find Bau and Bauti . The only variation of this name that we can find is Batista .

The name Baptist in other languages

The name of Baptist children in other languages ​​is:

  • Catalan: Baptista
  • English: Baptist
  • French: Baptiste
  • Italian: Battista

Baptist Name Personality

The man named Bautista is considered to be intelligent, educated, creative , curious, very active and hates monotony. Therefore, he is very restless and non-conformist , he loves changes and adapts very well to them. He is also seen as a very nice person, very empathetic, generous and honest. However, he is quite stubborn and has firm beliefs .

He likes to surround himself with people who need him and those he needs, but with whom there is a good reciprocal and healthy relationship, trying to put aside those who become negative. He is considered someone faithful and who seeks to make others happy in order to be somewhat happier himself.

Celebrities named Bautista

  • Jean-Baptiste Poquelin: better known as Molière (and in Spanish as Juan Bautista Poquelin), he was a French actor and playwright. Some of his works were: “The miser” and “Tartufo”.
  • Joan Baptista Humet i Climent: Spanish composer, musician, singer and songwriter.
  • Battista Luteri: better known as Battista Dossi, he was an Italian painter.
  • John the Baptist: Also known as Saint John the Baptist, he was a Jewish itinerant preacher who lived around the same time as Jesus of Nazareth (late 1st century BC).

Baptist Saint’s Day

The day of the Saint of Baptist is celebrated on June 24 .

Baptist Name Numerology

According to numerology, the Baptist boy’s name is totally associated with the number 3 . Thus, this is considered to be the best number for those who bear this name.

Popularity of the first name Bautista

The male name Bautista in Spain, according to the INE (National Institute of Statistics), is quite popular in Ciudad Real, Lugo and Castellón, although men with this name are also found in other regions of the country. Specifically, there are 2,848 men named Bautista in Spain, with an average age of 66.7 years .