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Do you like the boy’s name Adonai or any of its variants? At piddlebabes we tell you everything about the meaning of the name Adonai , its origin, popularity, personality, diminutives and variants, numerology and much more. Read on and find out if this, or one of its variations, is the best name you can choose for your future child. Adonai is a boy’s name .

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What does Adonai mean?

Adonai is a masculine name meaning “My Lord”, “God with us”, “administrator”, “lord” and “master” .

Origin of the name Adonai

The name Adonai is of Hebrew origin . Specifically, it comes from the Hebrew adõnai and is composed of adõn-, which means “administrator”, “master” or “lord” and -ay, which is understood as “mine” or “ours”. This is one of the names used used to mention God in the Bible.

Diminutives and variations of the name Adonai

The diminutives of Adonai are Ado, Nai and Nay and the only variations of this boy’s name are the change of -i to -y ( Adonai ) and an accent on the second -a ( Adonái ). In addition, this name does not exist in other languages, in all of them it is written as one of these three forms.

Personality of the name Adonai

Adonai is considered to be observant, practical and communicative . Also, thanks to these qualities and his great patience , he almost always gets what he sets out to do. He is persevering and somewhat stubborn, not stopping until he finishes what he has started.

He usually dedicates himself only to jobs that fulfill him on a personal level, because he is not interested in wasting time and his life in jobs in which he does not really feel fulfilled in some way, even if he earns more money than in one in which he does really feel well.

In addition, he has a good people skills , which allows him to easily win friendships and know how to express what he thinks always correctly and assertively.

Celebrities with the name Adonai

  • Adonay Santana: Spanish singer (from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).

Holy Day of Adonai

The Saint of Adonai can be celebrated on January 2 , but there are also those who prefer to celebrate it on November 1 , All Saints’ Day.

Numerology Of The Name Adonai

Numerology tells us that the number most associated with the name Adonai is the number 8 .

Popularity of the first name Adonai

The boy’s name Adonai is more popular in the Canary Islands, Palencia, Burgos, Malaga and Granada. According to the data indicated by the INE (National Institute of Statistics), in Spain, there are 367 men named Adonai and their average age is 14 years .