Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
21 good habits that make children happy read more

The happiness of our children is the greatest goal we have as parents . Sometimes we believe that happiness is in great things, but the truth is that it is built on small customs that we acquire in our day to day.

We have made a list of those things that we should instill in our children to help them develop a sense of responsibility, creativity, autonomy and foster values ​​such as empathy, solidarity and friendship. In short, good habits that make children happy , and make them fuller people.

Free play (at least) one hour a day

Children need to play freely , without rules, without being guided by adults. Free and spontaneous play arising from the child’s own curiosity and initiative. A game without limits or guidelines to learn and grow happily.

(At least) 10 minutes of dancing a day

Dancing is entertaining, pleasurable, it releases tensions, it makes them feel good, it makes them more flexible… And if mom and dad and siblings join in the dance, there couldn’t be anything more fun. There are plenty of good reasons to dance with the kids .

Play with mom and dad (at least) an hour a day

Playing is the “work of the little ones”. It is necessary for their healthy development and learning, but also doing it with mom and dad favors the emotional bond, father-mother-child communication and most importantly… we all have a lot of fun together!

Cook together (at least) once a week

Among other things, cooking helps develop creativity, manual dexterity, and of course, a taste for flavors and different foods, something that also has an impact on the health of children. Enjoying cooking from a young age is one of the most beautiful things they can learn. And if it is together, as a family, even better.

Do crafts and draw

Crafts and drawing are essential in early childhood. They are their way of expression, through these activities children give free rein to their imagination without fear or prejudice. The more we encourage and facilitate them, the better.

Do physical activity every day

Exercise is essential in childhood , a healthy habit that should be adopted since they are children to lead a healthy and happy life. I have no doubt that exercise and happiness are closely linked.

play with friends every day

The game is essential for the little ones, as well as sharing it with friends. Through play, children make good friends, socialize , learn to share, and very important values ​​such as solidarity or empathy.

Practice an activity that you are passionate about

Soccer, dancing, basketball, roller skating, playing an instrument, whatever… whatever you like . It should not be imposed, but the child really enjoys it and practices it frequently.

Always have a book to read

Reading is a bridge to happiness , without a doubt. From a young age they will discover that always having a book in their hands is wonderful, and it will make them happy. Let them choose what and when to read.

watch movies often

The cinema also opens wide the doors to the wonderful world of the imagination. Enjoying good movies will entertain them but above all, cultivate the spirit.

Read a story with mom or dad before going to sleep

Beyond the benefits of reading, bedtime story time is a very special time of day . It is a very beautiful experience, as well as being enriching for them, both from an emotional point of view and for their vocabulary and language acquisition .

Be kind to the people around you and your peers

They still don’t know to what extent kindness can help them be happy, but it’s good that they start practicing it. Treat well to be treated well.

Walk hand in hand with your siblings

Strengthening a good relationship between siblings in childhood is the best foundation for the future. The bonds of brotherhood that are created as children remain forever, even if they get older. Help him to love his brothers.

Enjoy nature, love animals

Nature and animals are a gift. Being in harmony as part of it, observing it and discovering it with amazement contributes to the happiness of the little ones. For its part, sharing life with a pet makes children more sociable , empathetic and happy, I have no doubt.

Help at home with what they can

Depending on their stage of development, they can take on small responsibilities at home such as matching socks, setting or clearing the table, arranging clothes, taking out the garbage… Fostering their autonomy is more than positive for the development of their personality.

Share the table with family

Both from an emotional and health point of view, sharing the table with the family is something that a child should not stop doing. It is a meeting moment in which the whole family communicates, they tell each other how the day went, what worries them… Everyone feels heard, in addition to the proven nutritional benefits it has.

Help those most in need

Giving to others, giving to others, helping those who need it most, makes them stronger. Solidarity is a value that children have very close to their skin, and they should not lose it.

Sharing time with grandparents

Grandparents are a very important figure for children, one of the most significant people in their lives due to the care, pampering, values ​​and teachings they transmit. Children who grow up with their grandparents are happier .

Less technology and more outdoors

Today’s children are too hooked on technology, as are adults. If they disconnected a little from the screens and lived more outdoors , they would become more active and healthy children.

Always smile

If something characterizes children, it is that innocent and sincere smile that conquers us so much. Unfortunately, as we grow older we smile a lot less. It should be mandatory to smile at least a hundred times a day.

family travel

One of the most beautiful experiences for a child is to travel as a family (and of course, for parents too). Discovering together new destinations, customs and people from different places is enriching from every point of view.