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Did I Do That? How Might We Limit the UNLIMITED Power of God?

“On the off chance that God is almighty and all adoring, for what reason don’t we see more wonders and healings in our congregation today?” – This inquiry is posed to very frequently from devotees, yet additionally from a universe of non-adherents also.

Very frequently we are faced with the depressing reality that our “religion” doesn’t agree with the God we find in our Bible. We rationalize and offer feeble expectation despite obliteration, sin, and passing. Demise and sin are overwhelming such a significant number of individuals that guarantee to be a piece of the Kingdom of God. Where is the power that we need in the congregation today? What’s more, would we say we are in charge of the absence of redemption and recuperating? I react with a firm YES!

Peruse this entry from God’s promise and give close consideration to the underlined words.

“what’s more, they restricted the Holy One of Israel. They didn’t recall His capacity; the day when He recovered them from the foe.” – Psalm 78:41-42

They restricted God! Peruse it once more, THEY (the individuals) LIMITED (kept down the full power and authority) – it was not God who chosen to keep down, it was the individuals that kept down his hand. How? Unbelief. The word discloses to us that they didn’t recollect His capacity – they had given dread and unbelief a chance to surpass the confidence and conviction that they once held. They appeared to overlook God’s capacity, and along these lines let the power that was accessible turned out to be incapable in their circumstance.

We Still do that Today!

My contemplations are reclaimed Request a prophetic word to a Sunday morning faith gathering back when my child was just a couple of years old. Running late for chapel was not something I pride myself on, yet that morning we were later than at any other time. In this manner our preferred seat, which happened to be nearer to the back of the asylum, was filled as of now. We went to the front, the exceptionally front seat; you know the one where the minister creases to talk directly at you.

The administration was going extraordinary, when all of a sudden the minister’s child stood up and started to usher himself out of the administration. He was in agonizing agony from a fight with kidney stones and was leaving church to go to the medical clinic’s crisis room.

“We should implore”, said the evangelist’s better half. We supplicated and looked for God for his hand to recuperate this circumstance. As the gathering participated in petition alongside the minister and his significant other, the Holy Spirit started to talk through in obscure tongues and after that through understanding. The words are always engraved into my memory.

“On the off chance that you trust I will play out a supernatural occurrence here today‚Ķ On the off chance that you don’t accept, at that point go out! I can not play out a supernatural occurrence were there is unbelief!”

Goodness! Peruse this again intently and attempt to retain the ground-breaking truth in this message straightforwardly from the Holy Spirit. “I can not play out a wonder where there is unbelief!” Was there confidence in the congregation as we asked? Truly, we had a congregation brimming with Christians asking, individuals that had seen and by and by experienced supernatural occurrences before themselves. What’s more, recall; just a mustard seed measure of confidence can truly move mountains. On the off chance that it can move mountains, at that point why not a little stone, an excruciating kidney stone for this situation?

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