How to Set Up a Web Shop – 8 Things Customers Expect

Think as a customer and build your web shop from this point of view. If they easily find what they are looking for, they are more likely come back next time. Do not use your own ideas to create a web shop. To avoid getting lost in the numerous aspects, here are a few bits of advice on customers’ expectations.

1. The price and shipping fee should be clearly displayed in the web shop. In many web stores the number of left carts is huge because the customers are not informed about the shipping fee in advance. The price of delivery should be a constant amount and matrix style shipping fee charts should be avoided. If you do it right, you may benefit from shipping fee averaging across a 100 orders.

2. Your web shop should be reliable and certified. If you have any kind of permission or certificate you should display it on your website. Photos of your colleagues and yourself, as well as telephone, fax and email or any other contact info must also be shown. List all your company data to ensure that customers trust you and your company.

3. The opening page of your web shop must be designed! You should pay attention to the opening page and carefully design it, highlighting some products. Weekly or monthly offers are recommended. Emphasizing a few products from different categories might raise conversion value.

4. The appearance of your web shop should be modern and sophisticated. Many of my customers consider the appearance of my web shops too simple and they would like to see more movement and decoration. Unfortunately it is 2010 and the glittering, ostentatious web shops do not succeed while the clear and transparent systems do. Today’s customers are not interested in flash animations; they show interest only in good promotions, useful products and quick browsing.

5. Intelligent cart and sum calculator. We expect the cart to display the final amount we have to pay. Pictures can be positive but the most important is to show real data to the customers. Most of the carts are left because of the lack of information.

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6. Searching and filtering the products. Nowadays, it is easy to get search and filter features that help the customers in choosing an item. This helps them to more easily make a decision although not many local retailers use it. As for me, I generally use the Amazon and eBay sites for searching and filtering. They have solved this question very effectively.

7. Customer opinion. Try to create incentives for your customers to add their opinions as these are especially important for a web shop. The more positive opinion you have, the more sales you can realise. The opinions of previous customers will be the evidence for the new ones that it is worth buying at your web shop.

8. Livechat, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Wherever you can you should communicate because potential customers are waiting for you in the internet world. Today communication is faster than ever. Do not let the customer search for how they can contact you, you should contact them first.

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